Welcome to the Escape Program

A place where loving parents learn life-changing strategies and tools designed to
help their daughters avoid teen crisis and attain total life success.

Welcome to the Escape ProgramIf you’re the parent (or grandparent!) of a 4-16 year old girl,
please read the information below carefully… especially if you:

  • Have an adolescent, tween or teen exhibiting signs of low-self esteem,
    attention seeking, or risky behavior
  • Are concerned about your daughter going through puberty at a young age
  • Have concerns about your daughter’s hyperactivity and inability to
    understand consequences
  • Want to learn PROACTIVE skills and strategies to help your pre-schooler or
    adolescent daughter steer clear of "modern life" dangers when they present
    themselves in your absence.
  • Want only the best for your young daughter!

Because being a parent doesnt come with instructions

As a parent, wouldn't you give just about anything to equip your daughter with the skills, tools and self-confidence necessary to avoid becoming the victim of:

  • Teenage Pregnancy
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • High-Risk Behavior
  • Emotional or Self-Esteem Problems
  • Eating Disorders
  • And More?

If you answered YES, the good news is that you have more control in helping your daughter aggressively FLEE such situations than you think!

The trick is learning proven strategies that will allow you to
get involved early, and often, without the resistance, rejection
or rebellion that "traditional" intervention methods may bring.

This is so critical because...

Our Girls are in Danger - Even As Young As 4

In today’s world, issues such as sex, birth control, and body awareness confront our daughters as early as PRE-SCHOOL and ELEMENTARY school!

Our Girls Are In DangerDid You Know

  • Recent studies have shown that a child’s sense of self-worth and confidence are developed by the ripe old age of THREE!
  • The harsh reality of sex is EVERYWHERE. Your child is exposed to sexual images every
    single day
    . The mall, print advertising, TV (70% of all television programs have some
    content related to sex), video games, your magazines, in the news and other places you
    might consider harmless.
  • Kids are going through puberty at as young as 8 and girls are starting their period as
    young as 9-years-old!
  • Pressure to start having sex starts as early as the 7th and 8th grade!
  • The rise of the internet and sites such as Twitter and Facebook present more opportunities for your daughter to interact (and possibly meet!) the WRONG people, just by tinkering around on their cell phone or using the computer right in your living room.
  • The pressure to look like a 95 lb, size 0 runway model is higher than EVER, causing more girls develop eating disorders or seek out sexual encounters to receive physical validation.

We all like to think that "these things won’t happen to my daughter," but unfortunately, I watch these tragic scenarios play out among "good girls" every single day, often taking the entire family by surprise.

Easy steps NOW that will make a difference tomorrow... introducing the ESCAPE program

At Legacy4Kids, it is our mission to empower parents of children from ages 4-16 with proven tools, strategies and resources necessary to help their daughters to make positive, healthy decisions at any age.

That’s why we are so excited to unveil
our latest cutting-edge training program...

ESCAPE - A 6 step family plan for teen crises prevention

This is an online training series for parents (and grandparents!) who are committed to doing everything possible to help their daughter avoid becoming the victim of high-risk behavior and abuse.

Attending this teleseries is one of the single, most important things you can do to ensure your daughter experiences the healthy, vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle that you so badly want her to enjoy.

ESCAPE - Not your mothers sex-ed class

HOW TO SECURE A LIMITED SEAT IN THIS ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME TELECLASS The material covered in the ESCAPE program goes beyond age old lectures about abstinence, birth-control and sex ed 101. We’re going to go there... but the strategies to keep our daughters safe are so much deeper than "just say no".

Instead, it’s about equipping you NOW with subtle and little-known ways to build your child’s self-confidence and increase her self-worth.

It’s also about helping you understand how things like foods, additives, and "modern life" dangers may be causing your child to act out--even beyond her own control.

Not to mention, you will learn how to have the "tough conversations" with your daughter in a way that doesn’t rob her young innocence, but subconsciously keeps her on guard from those that would try.

Most importantly, the ESCAPE program will teach you how to keep the lines of communication open NOW, while you are still a HERO in your daughter’s eyes so that she grows to trust the words of wisdom and guidance that you offer for her life.

The ESCAPE Course Outline

For parents who are ready to equip their daughter the with tools and strategies necessary to achieve total life success, the ESCAPE program will consist of 6 teleclasses, starting on Thursday, September 15, 2011 and ending on Thursday, October 20, 2011.

Testimonial(Can’t make the dates/times listed below? Don’t worry — we’ll send out a recording after each session so you never miss a single word!)

During this course, you will learn a unique, 6-step process designed to help your daughter make great choices in today’s complicated world.

You will also work with a hand-selected group of experts who will teach you little-known strategies and techniques designed to give your family an
"unfair advantage" through every stage of life.


Thursday, September 15th
9pm Eastern | 6pm Pacific

Class 1: Education
Kelly Marquet-Bodio, Founder, Legacy4Kids

TOPIC: "The Biggest Enemy When Facing an Unwanted Pregnancy is Denial: Learn the 5 Step Approach to Creating a Powerful Partnership with Your Teen."

Kelly Marquet-Bodio We must learn how to communicate with our children and understand the signs and the risk for unplanned pregnancies before they happen. The clock is ticking and the longer you wait the more narrow your options. However, if the time ever comes when your daughter announces that she’s expecting, what you do and say in that moment could have consequences that last a lifetime.

During my class, I will teach you exactly how to step up when you feel like you’ve been kicked in the gut... and how to be an asset to your daughter and still maintain the child parent relationship in the midst of crisis. You will also learn specific things to say to your daughter in a teen pregnancy crisis, ways to make your home a safe place for all of you during this trying time and how to approach other family members with the news.

Bonus from Kelly

Attendees will receive a FREE coaching session with me, Kelly Marquet Bodio, a FREE subscription to The New Leaf, as well as a copy of our popular Legacy4Kids e-book, The Fine Art Of Listening. ($325.00 VALUE!)

Thursday, September 22nd
9pm Eastern | 6pm Pacific

Class 2
Kim Estes, Savvy Parents Safe Kids

TOPIC: "Super 10 Rules for Reducing Your Child’s Risk for Sexual Abuse and Other Crimes"

Kim Estes Your tween is growing and wanting more independence. Although panic inducing to parents, it is a normal part of growing up. Saftey expert Kim Estes will be equipping you with tips and tools to help you explore your tweens readiness for staying home alone, going to mall/movies without you (Gasp!) and build solid safety steps that they will need to help navigate them through this very exciting chapter of their lives and helping to reduce their risk of sexual abuse, bullying and abduction.

Bonus from Kelly

Kim will be offering attendees of the ESCAPE teleclass a FREE 30-minute Friday consultation session, a FREE downloadable 911 sheet and a teen/tween cellphone contract, and 25% off any workshop if booked before November 30th 2012! ($100 value!)

Thursday, September 29th
9pm Eastern | 6pm Pacific

Class 3
Amy Lang, MA, Birds + Bees + Kids

TOPIC: "7 Steps to Making the Talk Rock"

Amy Lang Amy Lang wants to cause a major cultural shift in how adults and kids think and communicate about sexuality, love and relationships. She believes every parent and caregiver has what it takes to talk to their kids about this hugely important part of life. Amy says, "Parents really need to calm down, step up and get the 'sex talks' party started as soon as possible!"

With her help and support adults discover that talking to kids about "it" doesn’t have to be scary, overwhelming or tedious. Her engaging, humorous and inspiring style shows parents
how to turn conversations they dread into something they look forward to and embrace whole heartedly.

Bonus from Amy

Amy will be making available a 15% discount off any book or DVD purchase from her online store to anyone who attends the teleclass.

Thursday, October 6th
9 pm ET/ 6 pm PT

Class 4: Antidote
Gina Knecht, MA, LMSW

TOPIC: "Don't Eat that Cake, and You Look Great! A Talk on Fostering Positive Self Esteem and Healthy Eating Habits in Children and Adolescents"

Gina Knecht Gina Knecht, MA, LMSW is the founder of The Sweet Life, an organization which seeks to support the healthy development of children and adults through providing education of how to nourish the mind, body and soul in a supportive environment. The Sweet Life also provides culinary, educational, and emotional health programs for children and adolescents.

helping families become aware of "food triggers" and additives that can cause children to act out beyond their control, Gina is also a licensed Social Worker who has been working since 2003 to support young and developing families through psychotherapy, education, and advocacy. She is astutely aware that good nutrition and a balanced approach to our eating habits are imperative to self-care and healthy development.

Bonus from Gina

Gina will be offering ESCAPE attendees one complimentary ticket into any workshop of their choice! This includes any current or future in-person or virtual workshop. You will also receive a free ezine subscription from The Sweet Life ($150.00 value!)

Thursday, October 13th
9 pm ET/ 6 pm PT

Class 5: Preparation
Darlynn Morgan, Child Protection Attorney

TOPIC: "9 Easy Steps to Make Sure Your Kids Are Protected No Matter What"

Darlynn Morgan According to Child Protection Attorney, Darlynn Morgan, 69% of parents do not have legal guardians named to care for their minor kids if they pass away or become incapacitated in an accident. Without legal guardians named, children are at risk of being placed into foster care or having a judge make painful custody decisions for them in your absence. As a parent, it’s important for YOU to dictate how your child should be raised if you are not able to do it yourself. During her session, Darlynn will teach a 9 step, fool-proof plan that will help you name the right legal guardians for your kids and easy steps you can take now to ensure your wishes are honored tomorrow. This information alone can save your family thousands of dollars and years of emotional pain if the unthinkable happens.

Bonus from Darlynn

Attendees of the ESCAPE teleseries will receive from Darlynn a FREE Family Wealth Planning Session ($750 value!) and $250 any additional planning to help you protect the people and things you love.

Thursday, October 20th
9 pm ET/ 6 pm PT

Class 6: Entitlement
Karen Deerwester, Author of "The Entitlement- Free Child" and Owner of Family Time, Inc.

TOPIC: "'The Entitlement Free Child' Raising Confident and Responsible Kids in a 'Me, Mine, Now!' Culture."

Karen DeerwesterParents can no longer say "yes" to everything their children want and the old ways of trying to make kids happy by over-indulging them doesn’t fit anymore (not that over-indulgence ever "worked"). With new limits on spending and cracks in the protective bubble, parents need new parenting strategies and author Karen Deerwester is going to teach attendees exactly how to raise a confident child in a "me, mine now!" world. Count on Karen to also provide you with much-needed hand holding and reassurance that everything is going to be alright as you begin implementing these critical strategies in your own household.

Bonus from Karen

Karen will be making available one complimentary, ½ hour parenting/problem-solving coaching session. She will also be giving away signed copies of her latest book, The Entitlement-Free Child! ($275.00 value!)

As you can see by the course outline, we are all experts in our field, united by a passion to create a better future for today’s children. We provide a one-stop source for expert advice without judgment, and a practical approach for preparing your children to live safely and confidently.

Here are a few additional things that we will cover during our time together:

  • Early Sex ED – How early is too early?
  • Internet Safety – How to discuss this and how soon?
  • The role the media has in making our kids grow up way too soon. (Did you know I used to be a talent agent and model, and I’m going to give you an INSIDE look at the subliminal pressure society is placing on our girls — and the self esteem problems they are destined to face if they don’t look a certain way).
  • Behavioral: Why do so many of our children seem to be afflicted with ADD/ADHD or Type II Diabetes?
  • Entitlement: Raising your child in a Me! Mine! Now! world and how to change the behavior based on the fear and the panic that there won’t be "enough" for me if I don’t get it all now. It teaches parents effective alternatives to the quick fixes and the short-term solutions of giving-in and buying up.

Finally, you will hear my personal story of teen crisis, how it inspired me to become an advocate for pregnant and parenting teens and how I, and other prevention experts, are successfully using the ESCAPE plan to radically change our daughters’ and granddaughter’s lives for the better.


What price would you pay to give your daughter the best chance possible of enjoying a life free of teen crisis or abuse? How much is it worth to you to have the peace of mind knowing your child will stay physically and emotionally protected, no matter what happens?

The fact that you’re here right now tells me you would give just about anything—but fortunately getting your hands on this training class does not cost that much!

The cost to register for this intense, 6-week training series is only $197.

That’s a little over $4 per day—or in other words, ONE LATTE, to get yourself this information that will change the way you communicate, interact and inspire your daughter for LIFE!

And because we want to make attending as easy as possible for you attend, we’re also making available a convenient flex-pay option that will allow you to join us for just 2 monthly payments of $99.

Finally, because Legacy4Kids is a registered non-profit organization, your investment into this educational program is 100% deductible on your 2011 return.

Early Bird Registration Bonus

The first 20 people to register for the ESCAPE teleseries will receive a FREE ticket to our Legacy4Kids’ live event, E.S.C.A.P.E. LIVE on February 15, 2012. This one-day event will take place in beautiful Downtown Napa, CA. In addition to hearing from leading experts in the areas of health, wellness, nutrition, child adoption, and teen crisis prevention, there will also be plenty of opportunities for sightseeing, networking and indulging in great food and wine! ($497.00 value!)

Single Payment Option Split Payment Option

Plus you’re backed by our "I LOVE This Training" guarantee. Money Back Guarantee

I'm confident that when you participate in this teleseries, you will walk away with useful tools and strategies that you can use immediately to help your daughter attain total life success. I also know
that if you follow the steps and do the work, this training will help you open the lines of communication
and inspire your daughter to live a risk-free life. I guarantee that you’ll be able to use the ESCAPE program to confidently raise your daughter in today’s challenging world.

Just to back that up, I’ll give you 2 weeks to live with this training and REALLY decide if it’s for you... in your heart. If you decide it’s not for you after the 2nd week in the program... just let me know and get a full refund. 100%! No reason needed.

Credit Cards Accepted

Rest easy – your order will be processed on secure servers.

Stop the cycle of denial

The most dangerous phrases in the English language are:

"I already know this" and "This does not pertain to me"

The truth is, no matter what your cultural, social, economic or religious background is, and no matter which parenting style you use to raise your kids, you NEED this information to give your daughter the best chance of life success possible.

At just $197, the cost to attend this life-changing teleseries is minimal compared to the costly and devastating consequences of teen pregnancy or crisis.

So, do yourself and your daughter a huge favor and say YES to the information we are making available to you via this telecalss. You never know when it will come in handy and you’ll be very grateful you acquired these new skills when the opportunity for your daughter to engage in risky behavior eventually occurs (and it will!).

Single Payment Option Split Payment Option

Kelly Marquet-Bodio "See" you in class!

Kelly Marquet- Bodio
Founder and CEO, Legacy4Kids

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